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How's My Driving?

Got questions or criticism about the way I play Donna? Leave them here. While characters are open to interpretation, I really appreciate the time taken to let me know how I can improve my characterization. Please be specific about what you think I'm getting wrong and how I can fix it.

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Date: 2013-08-20 06:20 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I will just copy and paste from what I have said on RPanons. Please note that I do know people in the game who feel similarly about your writing (they are how I found out about the game and their wonderful SPN and DW casts in the first place) but I do not feel comfortable outting them.

Someone mentioned this game in the Doctor Who thread and I feel compelled to give some amount of crit to your Donna (and Meg, since I looked at the taken page and stalked that character some to see if some of the issues I had with Donna would manifest in the player's other character).

The Who cast and Supernatural cast look pretty great otherwise, but having to interact with this player's characters would prevent me from apping. The characterization isn't so much a problem in that the player seems to either have very low reading comprehension or does not read the tags given to them. They also ignore hooks in other players' tags, offer no hooks of their own, and generally come off as dull and without personality. It's as if they sat down and typed the first sentence that has come to mind and have put literally no effort into responding.

Looking at the very different way this player plays than say, your Doctor and Martha or your Balthazar and Dean and Gabriel (I'm a big fan of these three!), there is a clear difference in quality. It makes me wonder if just writing out an application is enough to be accepted to this game. While I'm no elitist, I do expect some standard of quality when there are applications to a game as opposed to being in a dressing room or musebox. I don't expect a very clear divide between the rest of the game and one player (or perhaps more as I have not thoroughly inspected every character nor am I familiar with every canon) but something about this player and the lack of thought and interest they seem to have in their own characters and the ones played by other people is really worrisome to a potential applicant.

I hope this is relayed to the player and I hope they will turn things around and maybe they've just been stressed out or had issues I am not privy to but from the looks of it, this spans the entirety of their playtime in this game.


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