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DAY 01: Donna awakes by the fountain confused, scared and irate. She meets Sherry Birkin and they explore together. There was worry their skin might melt off due to radiation.

She speaks with Wade Wilson... She's certain he's insane.

DAY 02: Bruce Banner tries to reassure everyone. Donna's still panicking about radiation poisoning and killer robots...

Phil Coulson tried to find out what kind of skills the group had. Donna offered her services to help him take stock of the store inventories.

DAY 03: Love at first sight Donna speaks to a fresh out of a coma Castiel. She instantly takes a liking to him. And thus his nickname Squirrel Boy is born in Donna's mind.

She speaks with R. Daneel Olivaw about his missing memories regarding the cameras. At least he isn't a killer robot!

DAY 04: Donna's first encounter with Dean Winchester is a snark fest.

DAY 05: -


The box appears...

The Doctor goes missing. Unfortunately, Donna doesn't recognise Martha Jones, or the Doctor's name.

DAY 07: -


Castiel saves Donna from the dire wolves.

The epic snarktastic friendship of Donna and Gabe begins.

DAY 09: Sam Winchester is kidnapped. Donna offers comfort to Dean.

DAY 10: -


Donna and Kenzi bond over milk and Phil.

DAY 12: -

DAY 13: Mother Hen Noble frets over Dean.

She also argues with Edgar Stane over the meaning of community spirit

DAY 14: Donna teaches Kenzi how to make bread.


Cas introduces Donna to his new found 'kitten'.

Anna arrives. Donna welcomes her to the neighbourhood.

DAY 16: Natasha Romanoff has gone missing. Donna offers to keep an eye out.

Dr. Mina Barrett demands everyone has a check up.

DAY 17: Mina's demands were not well met. Donna tries to encourage her not to give up.

Elle Bishop wants chips. She and Donna argue. Apparently Donna's a leprechaun...

DAY 18: Donna welcomes Blaine Anderson to Cape Kore.


Donna welcomes Stiles Stilinski to Cape Kore.

DAY 20: -


Donna signs up for the Secret Santa.

DAY 22: Donna and Gabe share another snark fest.

DAY 23: -

DAY 24: Secret Santa Party – Donna gives Castiel a gift, Kenzi a gift and meets Galen.

DAY 25: -

DAY 26: -

DAY 27: -

DAY 28: Mina requests the company of the girls for a ritual. Donna accepts.

DAY 29: Kid Blue is missing. Donna tells Party Poison she'll keep an eye out. snark ensues. He ends up with a new name – Sebastian.

Balthazar is also missing.

Dean wakes up. Poor guy missed the Christmas party. Donna and Dean discuss the importance of talking about feelings.

DAY 30: -


Donna's headaches are getting worse. Gabe brings chocolate and Cas tries to ease the pain.

DAY 32: Fun Ghoul takes revenge on Kid Kobra by floating his bed out to sea. Donna is not impressed.

Donna welcomes Natasha Romanoff to Cape Kore.


Tim Wayne asks about the local wildlife.

Galen starts to hallucinate. Donna worries.

DAY 34: Donna welcomes Laura Hawley to Cape Kore. Unfortunately, Donna is hallucinating so she may've warned the poor girl about lava monsters and rhino people...

DAY 35: Party Poison seems convinced there's something under his skin.

Donna warns Lucifer the new guy not to get eaten by the local wildlife.

In turn, Gabriel warns the citizens of Cape Kore not to piss off Lucifer.

Kenzi's hallucinations cause her to injure herself. Donna tries to calm her down.

DAY 36: Donna is reunited with her bestie. Or well, she recognises him over the network as John Smith.

Donna tries to calm a paranoid android down.

DAY 37: -

DAY 38: Donna argues with NPC!Maria over her plans of escape.

Party Poison is dead. Donna offers to help Jet Star clean up the blood.

DAY 39: Mina's friend is missing/gone. Donna offers her condolences and a shoulder.

Donna checks in with Sharon Carter.

DAY 40: Dean is missing. So long, eye candy. You'll be missed. Donna worries about her angel buddy. Her angel buddy worries about her head.

Donna and Kenzi discuss the dire situation regarding the missing various eye candy.

DAY 41: Donna welcomes Britta. Apparently Britta hasn't heard of Postman Pat.

The Doctor pays Donna a visit.


Donna gets a Polaroid camera and some film from one of the boxes.

DAY 43: -

DAY 44: -

DAY 45: Donna trades vegetables and bandages for beans and sausages with Charlie.

She welcomes the King of Hell to the Cape. Apparently they're house-mates. Sorry Cas.

And she questions Galen about his recent disappearance.

Phil is dead. Donna and Kenzi really aren't fine.

DAY 46: Donna offers to help Laura with the funeral arrangements.

DAY 47: Donna welcomes Ivy to Cape Kore.

She attends the funeral. Dean turns up, but he doesn't remember being here before. Jet thanks her again for her help when Party died.

DAY 48: She teases the Doctor about his invention.

DAY 49: -

DAY 50: Donna and Crowley have tea and get to know each other.

DAY 51: -

DAY 52: -

DAY 53: Donna welcomes Balthazar to the Cape. Hello new eye candy.

The Doctor, Mina and Castiel make the decision to fix Donna. It seems to work.

DAY 54: Party and Kobra are missing.

DAY 55: Donna offers to lend Steve her camera.

DAY 56: -

DAY 57: Donna is unhappy at being called a man-eater on the rumour flyer.


Donna wakes up as a Time Lord and freaks the flip out and runs to a now-human Doctor.

Mina is a mermaid.

Sharon tries to establish what everybody has been turned into.

DAY 59: Donna pays Kenzi a visit with muffins.

DAY 60: Donna offers Cas a helping hand, ahem....

Another Castiel - that Donna hasn't been sucking face with turns up. Double the eye candy!

DAY 61: Donna welcomes Bethmora Fortescue to the Kore.

DAY 62: -

DAY 63: -

DAY 64: After some banter on the network, Balthazar and Donna agree to meet for a drink on day 65.

DAY 65: Since the species swap is over, Donna goes to visit the Doctor for a catch up and a much needed hug. He teases her about her upcoming not-date.

Donna goes on said not-date with Balthazar. What starts as a drinking contest soon turns into the sharing of stories.

DAY 66:

DAY 67: Kenzi is missing. Mother Hen starts to worry.

Amongst other things, Donna asks the Doctor if her best heels are on the TARDIS.

DAY 68: And after a day of frantic worrying, Kenzi's back with all her limbs in place.

DAY 69: Mina asks Donna about the Doctor. Donna tries and fails not to feel jealous.

Crowley is missing. Apparently Castiel murdered him. Good times.

DAY 70: Apparently the Doctor has an escape plan.

Donna welcomes Tony back to the Cape. She missed her co-founder of the Complicated Club.

DAY 71: Donna goes to Samandriel's aid. She, Raphael and Balthazar bring him back to her house to patch up his injuries and give him tea.

DAY 72: -

DAY 73: Donna offers Mordion some pans.

DAY 74: -

DAY 75: Something goes wrong with the Doctor's plan and he vanishes.

DAY 76: The Doctor is missing.

DAY 77: -

DAY 78: Castiel returns looking a little worse for wear.

DAY 79: Donna is on tea duty for the workers.

DAY 80: -

DAY 81: -

DAY 82: Donna welcomes Chris to the Kore.


The Doctor returns.


Donna dreams of a picture perfect life and sexy dreams.


Donna welcomes fellow ginger Charlie Bradbury to Cape Kore



The Doctor hasn't been chased with pitchforks. yet...


DAY 89: Booker is missing.

DAY 90: Donna tries to explain Michelin stars to Dean.

DAY 91: She discusses the food shortage situation with Mayor Stane.

DAY 92: -

DAY 93: Cas is mauled by Bernice and loses a limb. Donna worries about him.

Donna asks Chuck questions about his recent run-in with the scientists.

Martha returns to the Cape though she doesn't recognise Donna.

DAY 94: -

DAY 95: Kenzi is missing.

Donna and Balthazar share a cup of tea and some post-kidnapping snuggling.

DAY 96: -

DAY 97: -

DAY 98: Operation Snoop is put into action.

DAY 99: Donna and Clint share their first conversation since the awkward dream sex. He shows her his bow.

DAY 100: Blackout event - No communicators working.

Mayor Stane calls everyone to the fountain. Donna doesn't know if to be worried or relieved everyone is in the same boat, power-wise.

She checks in with Samandriel

DAY 101: Blackout event Balthazar checks in on Donna during the blackout and brings her fresh water and candles.

DAY 102: Blackout event Castiel, the Doctor and Wallie rescue Donna from the sea monster. Wallie dies.

DAY 103: Blackout event

DAY 104: Blackout event

DAY 105: -

DAY 106: -

DAY 107: Donna volunteers to be Balthazar's buddy in the buddy system

DAY 108: -

DAY 109: -

DAY 110: Donna and Balthazar help the Doctor rescue Mina from her home during the earthquake.

Castiel offers to heal her wounds. As does Martha.

DAY 111: -

DAY 112: Charlie Bradbury wants to teach the Cape to play D&D.

DAY 113: -

DAY 114: -

DAY 115: Balthazar wants to learn how to bake

DAY 116: Martha and Balthazar want to put on a variety show.

DAY 117: Crowley's back.

Balthazar comes around to angel ward a cupboard for Donna's protection.

DAY 118: Donna thinks half of the Doctor's stories are made up.

DAY 119: -

DAY 120: -

DAY 121: Donna, Fortescue and Rat head into the tunnel. They get separated. She runs into Raphael and gives him water.

DAY 122: -

DAY 123:

DAY 124:

DAY 125:

DAY 126:

DAY 127:

DAY 128:

DAY 129:

DAY 130:

DAY 131:

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