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Oct. 6th, 2012 09:47 pm
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[Player information]
Player Name: Kristina
Age: 28
Other characters played at Cape Kore: N/A

[Character information]
Name: Donna Noble
Canon: Doctor Who
Canon Point: End of Time Part 2: After the Master invasion but before her wedding to Shaun Temple.
Age: 34

Appearance: Donna is a tall, curvaceous woman with long, ginger hair. Being ginger, she has the stereotypical pale skin and freckles to match. She has sharp facial features, full lips and gorgeous eyes – light green with a golden brown hue around the irides.
Inventory: The clothes she’s wearing – gypsy tunic top, jeans, boots; engagement ring, costume jewellery – ring, bracelet, bead necklace, hoop earrings. Handbag containing her purse (which holds £3.27 in loose change, two £10 notes, a debit card and her driver’s license), keyring holding her house key, car key and TARDIS key (she doesn’t know what that key’s for, just that she can’t leave home without it), diary, pen, make up and a number of sweet and chocolate bar wrappers.
Donna can type 100 words per minute and is good with numbers. She can find her way around an office, easy. She also happens to have the dormant consciousness of a Time Lord in her head.

History: Wiki

Personality: Donna is a fiery, independent woman. She is not afraid to speak her mind - loudly; her tongue is sharp, and her wit sharper. But beneath a brash, confident front lies a far less confident, almost insecure side. Donna doesn't believe she is worth anything; she dismisses claims that she is 'brilliant' by insisting she is 'just a temp'. The Meta-Crisis Doctor told Donna he believed her attitude is because she truly believes that she is unimportant and that she is "Shouting at the universe, because she thinks no one is listening." A point that made her uncomfortable, begging him to stop it.

A lot of Donna's deep-rooted insecurities come from her mother, Sylvia. Their relationship has always been frosty. Sylvia nags Donna constantly and always puts her down. Nothing she ever does is good enough. After returning Donna back to her family home after wiping her mind, the Doctor explains to Sylvia and to Wilfred how Donna saved the universe and how for one moment she was the most important woman in it. Sylvia insisted that Donna was still the most important woman in the universe because she was her daughter – to which the Doctor suggested she should try telling her how important she is sometimes.

On the flip-side, Donna has always had a very good and close relationship with her Granddad. He has always supported her and was the one who encouraged her to go with the Doctor and see the stars.

Donna is smart. While she may often appear somewhat clueless she is actually very intelligent. She can find her way around an office blindfolded and mastered the Dewey Decimal System in just two days. She often notices the things that other people miss – the sick day folder in the ATMOS factory and the numbering on the sections of building on Messaline, for example.

When she was six years old, her mother told her there would be no holiday that year, so she boarded a bus to Strathclyde, showing from an early age her sheer stubbornness and self-reliance. Her Granddad points out to the Doctor that as a child they nicknamed her 'The Little General' due to the fact she was always bossing people about. She was also sent home on her first day of school for biting.

Her travels with the Doctor changed her from a self-obsessed, trivial, bitter woman into a compassionate, intelligent, caring one. He opened her eyes to so many things; letting her see the 'bigger picture'. As well as becoming a good friend to the Doctor, she also became a sort of moral anchor for him, insisting that sometimes he needed someone to stop him. Being with him made her a better person, but a lot of that was lost when her memories were wiped. The Donna Noble who had travelled the stars died that fateful day, leaving behind the shell of a woman she had once been – thus fulfilling Dalek Caan's prophecy that one of the Doctor's 'Children of Time' would die.

While the Doctor removed Donna's memories in order to save her life as a result of the meta-crisis, he couldn’t remove the Time Lord consciousness. It is still there in her mind, dormant. The Doctor believed it was this dormant consciousness that led Donna to buy Wilfred a book by Joshua Naismith, something that proved important in the events that followed. However, the shock of seeing Sylvia and Shaun transformed into Master duplicates reawakened memories of her time with the Doctor causing her to start burning up – the Doctor, however, hadn’t left his friend defenceless, and as she was surrounded in an alleyway by Master duplicates her defence mechanism triggered, blasting the duplicates and rendering her unconscious but otherwise unharmed.

It was after this that the dreams started. The blue box, the man in the suit, the salt and pepper pot monsters. Trying to recall these dreams only left her in pain; but the memories were there in her dreams. In a similar way the Doctor said Agatha Christie never truly forgot, "I don't think she ever quite forgot. A great mind like that? Some of the details kept bleeding through." Her days are filled with work and wedding plans, and her nights with the strange faceless man and his adventures.

First Person: Here

Third Person: Who knew wedding planning could be so hard? The dining room table couldn't be seen for bridal magazines, note books and various travel brochures. Every little girl dreams of a fairytale wedding; unfortunately, the fairytales never mention the months of stress and planning.

... Seriously, how many styles of dress could there be? Or cakes. Or flowers. Or invitations. It was a never-ending battle. She didn't even know how many magazines she had looked through but it felt like millions. Her mum wasn't helping – her criticism was hardly of the constructive nature. 'Oh don’t get that dress, you'll look like a meringue', 'that kind of neck-line at your age?', 'white? Not exactly the virgin Mary, are you?' And other such advice had been thrown around. In fact her mum had something critical to say about almost every dress she liked. Typical. Might as well wear a bin bag at this rate. She and Shaun really should've just eloped. It would've saved so much hassle, time and money – oh money, another thing Sylvia had taken to nagging about. Why offer to pay if she was going to nag and moan over every little detail?

Still, she couldn't help the occasional feeling of déjà vu; which made no sense, because she’d never planned a wedding before, had she? Well, aside from many weddings for various teddy bears as a child – but that didn't count. The memory wipe had also removed her memories of Lance and her failed first wedding day; it was too risky to keep them in place. The wedding, the Huon particles, the Racnoss, all of it would lead to memories of the Doctor.

Donna sighed. It was giving her a headache. She decided it was time to take a break – when you started doodling moustaches and glasses on the models, you knew it was time to take time out. She closed her current magazine and took a sip of a now cold cup of tea. "Where's Grandad?"

It was a silly question, really. He was nearly always in the same place these days. The allotment, with his telescope. Sylvia was quick to confirm. "Up the hill. He’s always up the bloody hill."

Donna nodded and got up from her seat at the dining room table. She took her cold cup of tea and headed to the kitchen, emptying the contents down the sink. Nothing worse than cold tea! She flipped on the kettle and put some tea bags into the teapot. A trip up the hill was just what she needed to clear her head – and she was sure her Gramps would welcome a Thermos.

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