Dec. 13th, 2012

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It had been awhile since Donna had been in touch with Dean. She was still no closer to tracking down the Doctor and getting back to her own page on the calendar. She was beginning to think that maybe she would be stuck here forever. It wasn't so bad, but she missed her grandad, and she missed the Doctor.

She threw herself into researching the weird and the supernatural. And she was getting quite good at wiping out vengeful spirits all by herself - and so far she had avoided being arrested!

Of course, she still found herself reaching for the phone to call Dean when she came across something she wasn't sure about. And like other times she got his voicemail. She knew one of these times she'd probably hit a deadline, but for now she was just thankful she could leave a message.

"Dean, hi. It's Donna. Look, I'm in Maine and there's been some weird deaths going on. All the victims have like puncture marks and they've been drained of blood. I've been looking up on the web on conspiracy sites and weird creature sites and I know I'm going to kick myself for asking this but... are vampires real?"


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