Jan. 25th, 2013

noblexcompanion: ([ DONNA ] ♦ takes flight)
Saying goodbye to Kassia was one of the hardest things Donna had had to do. If ever she had a daughter of her own she hoped she'd be just like Kas. Being around her triggered all those deep rooted maternal instincts Donna tried so hard to hide. In fact, part of her had been more than a little tempted to stay behind with Kassia on Scallite VI to keep her company and help her adjust. She had contemplated the idea more than she cared to admit. Probably best not to tell the Doctor and the others. But even as they were in the TARDIS and ready to go she wondered if she was making the right choice...

With a sigh she settled in the jump seat watching the screen. "So then... Where to now? What's first on the giant list of botch ups to fix?" Her tone was light, but inside her heart was breaking. Typical Donna, hiding all her pain behind a smile and a laugh.

She knew soon enough she would have to say goodbye to Rose and John too and her heart would break that little bit more. And she couldn't help but fear that once everything was back to normal that she would be forced to say goodbye to the Doctor and return to Chiswick. That thought alone was enough to make her chest clench and her breath catch in her throat. It would be the hardest goodbye of all.

"Where to? When? And who do we get to schmooze with?"
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