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Blend in. That's what the Doctor had told her. The TARDIS was sick and damaged and he needed to repair her which meant leaving Donna where they had crash landed for awhile. It wouldn't've been so bad if they hadn't crash landed in some parallel universe in 1973. Donna hadn't been born until the mid-70s and her memories of that time were fuzzy at best, not to mention the fact that she wasn't sure which of her Mum's and Gramp's stories were true and which were made up. Sigh. Blend in? Easier said than done.

The Doctor had promised to come and get her as soon as the TARDIS was repaired. Donna couldn't shake the feeling that she'd been stuck here for a long, long time. He had given her a vortex manipulator set for one one-way trip to modern day Chiswick, but it was only to be used as a very last resort. It was a bit dodgy and he didn't really want her to get lost in time somewhere.

So, here she was, dressed in a mustard coloured shirt with a brown skirt and knee-high boots. Mustard? Seriously? Why did the people in 1970s England have no taste? She rubbed at her temples, trying to figure out what to do. The TARDIS had managed to work out a place for her to live, but she'd been too damaged to create a full backstory, including a job.

1973. Stressed, alone, unemployed and... being mugged. Her handbag was snatched by some yobbo. Oh, no way was she standing for that. It had her vortex manipulator in, and what little money she had. She gave chase. "Oi! Come back here you git!!!" Never, ever anger Donna Noble.


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