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Saying goodbye to Kassia was one of the hardest things Donna had had to do. If ever she had a daughter of her own she hoped she'd be just like Kas. Being around her triggered all those deep rooted maternal instincts Donna tried so hard to hide. In fact, part of her had been more than a little tempted to stay behind with Kassia on Scallite VI to keep her company and help her adjust. She had contemplated the idea more than she cared to admit. Probably best not to tell the Doctor and the others. But even as they were in the TARDIS and ready to go she wondered if she was making the right choice...

With a sigh she settled in the jump seat watching the screen. "So then... Where to now? What's first on the giant list of botch ups to fix?" Her tone was light, but inside her heart was breaking. Typical Donna, hiding all her pain behind a smile and a laugh.

She knew soon enough she would have to say goodbye to Rose and John too and her heart would break that little bit more. And she couldn't help but fear that once everything was back to normal that she would be forced to say goodbye to the Doctor and return to Chiswick. That thought alone was enough to make her chest clench and her breath catch in her throat. It would be the hardest goodbye of all.

"Where to? When? And who do we get to schmooze with?"
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How long had it been since that shot rang out? How long since the sound of something dropping into the water? Seconds? Minutes? Donna could hear and feel her heartbeat drumming in her ears and in her head. Panic had frozen her to the spot. Panic and fear. What was she supposed to do? Stay put? Go out? Oh, she felt sick with fear.

Once the noise outside died down she made her way to the door and after some stearn words to the Old Girl, she managed to get the door open and peeked outside. No sign of any soldiers – always good. But no sign of the Doctor either. That really didn’t help her already overactive imagination.

"Doctor?" Her voice came out as a squeak, so she swallowed and tried again. "Doctor??" The lack of response did little to ease her worry.

She stepped out of the TARDIS and locked the door behind herself. "Don't you go drifting off to the Middle Ages, Old Girl. Wait here. " She had to find the Doctor, she just had to. Maybe... maybe if he was dead and she got him back to the TARDIS in time he could regenerate? Or maybe he wasn't dead? And even if he was dead she couldn't just leave him on some alien planet all by himself! Her head was spinning as the possibilities ran through her mind.

He had to be alright. He just had to be. She couldn't do this by herself. How was she meant to rescue Rose and Handy and fix the universe without him? What did she have until Emergency Programme One activated? Five hours? Less? Would she be able to stop it?

Donna paused and forced herself to take a deep breath and calm down. Step one – find the Doctor. There was no point in worrying until she knew what she was facing...
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Donna had lost count of how many days they had been stuck on the Shadow Hunter's planet. So far they had been shot at, chased, almost blown up - so much for disguises. So far, however, they had remained uncaptured, mostly due to an insane amount of running. A couple of days into their game of cat and mouse, Donna and the Doctor stumbled (quite literally) upon a group similar to themselves - other outlaws on the run from the Shadow Hunters.

It had taken a bit to convince the Doctor to accept their help, especially since it was trusting Regina that had gotten them into this mess in the first place. But for now, they had travelling company. The group knew all the best safe spots, they knew how to find food and how best to avoid the Hunters. It was still incredibly dangerous, but it made Donna feel a little safer knowing she could sleep and someone would be keeping watch - it also meant the Doctor could sleep without worry. Hopefully.

The leader of the group, Tomas, had mentioned they had a spaceship out by the western city limits. It was damaged though, in desperate need of repair, hence why they were sneaking around deserted buildings instead of taking to the skies.

After a long day of travelling and scavenging, Donna had quickly fallen asleep with her head upon the Doctor's lap. Tomas approached him with a mug of tea, holding it out to him. "Your wife looks exhausted."
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Donna had been in the library relaxing with a good book, a mug of tea and a box of chocolates from her secret 'me-time' stash. It had all been going so nicely too. At least, it had been going nicely until the TARDIS jerked, sending the mug crashing to the floor, the chocolates following, and Donna barely managing to stay on the sofa.

What the heck was that silly spaceman up to this time? She got to her feet and the TARDIS jerked again, almost knocking her down. Oh, she was going to kill him for this! So much for relaxing! She made her way down the corridors towards the console room, being thrown about like a rag doll with every violent jerk of the ship. She couldn't help but notice that the usual calming hum of the TARDIS was replaced by an almost frantic one. That couldn't be good.

She finally reached the console room, expecting to find a skinny git at the console doing alien... stuff. But the room was empty. The monitors were flashing and sparks were coming from said console. Oh, that couldn't be good at all! Another jerk sent her crashing into the railing. That was gonna bruise.

Someone, or something was dragging the TARDIS against her will through Time and Space. Wizard. "DOCTOR?!"


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