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Holidays couldn't last forever. Which probably explained why Donna was knee-deep in mud, soaking wet, freezing cold and three miles from the bleedin' TARDIS. Warm tropic suns, the Doctor had said. Glorious sunny beaches, he'd promised. The greatest meteor shower this side of the galaxy. Too bad they'd landed a decade too early in the middle of monsoon season.

Her boots were ruined. There was no way this purple sludge would ever wash out. Still, she couldn't be too angry. Not when the natives were battling to stop their houses washing away. And the Doctor, being the generous soul that he is, offered his and Donna's assistance. "It's bloody freezing here."
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It had taken a lot of talking and throwing ideas around but finally, finally they'd settled on their vacation spot. Donna had been quite adamant that she wanted a waterfall shower and sun. Everything else was just a bonus. And so here they were on a small jungle planet known as Urdria IV. Thick green foliage, golden sandy beaches, clear blue ocean and gorgeous waterfalls. Perfect. Best of all? No monsters! There were alien lifeforms, creatures similar to those of Earth jungles but docile and for the most part friendly.

The TARDIS sits snug against a rockface, and for a big blue wooden box, it seems to blend in quite well. Donna, dressed in a bikini, sarong and flipflops has already build their camp out of wood and leaves and varies bits and pieces and is now enjoying the sandy beach in a perfect sunbathing spot. Lovely.
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Drifting through the vortex was lovely and all, but it's not long before Donna starts to grow restless. She's read two books, cleaned, cooked, done laundry, phoned home, done her hair, painted her nails and now she was bored. Like any human she's never satisfied. When they're running from deadly monsters all she wants is a vacation, and when she's relaxing all she wants is adventure.

Currently, she's draped over the jumpseat, watching as the Doctor does well, whatever it is the Doctor does when he's tinkering with the console. "Doc~tor~ I'm bored."
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The Cardavians had been tracking the Doctor for some time. The last Time Lord in existence; and with a sample of his genetic material they could unravel his DNA and discover the secrets of regeneration. With their home planet destroyed and their numbers in decline, regeneration was the only key to their survival; and with it? The power to take over the universe. They would be unstoppable. At least, so they thought.

Of course, they only needed a small sample for their research, but where was the fun in that? Oh no, they wanted the Doctor’s body stuffed and hung on their wall as a reminder of the end of the final Time Lord.

It had taken a long time, but finally they had managed to bypass TARDIS security and lock its controls, sending the blue box and her passengers hurtling through time and space. The sudden jolting and aforementioned hurtling sends Donna flying across the console room and painfully into the coral struts. She manages to get herself upright and holds onto the safety rail to stop herself falling again.

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Donna had been searching through the TARDIS wardrobe for at least a few hours. She had tried on at least a dozen dresses, all of which had been beautiful and all of which had looked lovely, but Donna had felt like a giant frump in them. She wanted to look beautiful. She didn't want the Doctor to be ashamed to be seen in some old Italian ballroom with her. And if Italian nobility or royalty happened to like what they saw then well, that was just an added bonus.

But so far everything had left her feeling fat, ugly and unworthy. Sometimes a lack of self confidence really sucked. Eventually... eventually she settled on a deep red evening dress that clung to all the right curves while making the wobbly bits look less wobbly - course the evil corset of doom she was wearing was helping with the wobbly bit situation.

Dress found, it was time to fix her hair. Up? Down? Shaved? She settled on a wavy updo. Then came her make up, and last the few final touches of simple jewellery and of course, running shoes. Hey, the dress hid them and heels were a nightmare to run in.

Finally! She was ready. She went to find the Doctor. "How do I look?"
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ongoing song verse: Donna travels with her Doctor ([ profile] still_noteleven). She breaks from canon just before her wedding to Shaun Temple. Instead of arriving after the wedding, the Doctor arrived too soon. Donna recognized the sound of the TARDIS and rushed out to meet him. She realized he was dying and demanded to stay with him until his regeneration. He reluctantly agreed.

When it is time for the regeneration, it didn't exactly go smoothly. Because Donna shares the Doctor’s mind, the regeneration energy surrounded them both, healing the Doctor’s wounds but instead of a complete regeneration, the rest of the energy sealed the connection Donna held to his mind without erasing the memories of him. It isn’t a permanent fix and something could trigger the consciousness again – but for now, it means Donna can travel through time and space with her best friend again.


patchwork verse aka Monkie and Kristina are bored verse: Very much the same idea as the ongoing song verse only Donna travels with her Doctor ([ profile] justneededtea). Along the way they've found and repaired a small android and named him Percy - he currently travels with them as a son companion. They also bumped into their handy spare hand and brought him on board and Percy named him Adam. The latest addition to the patchwork family is Adi the Adipose.


smith and noble verse: After mindwiping Donna and taking her home, the Doctor ([ profile] doctorprettyboy) couldn't bring himself to let go; and so has taken to stalking/visiting Donna as John Smith.


shattered walls verse: Donna and her Doctor ([ profile] still_noteleven) were dragged through a crack in the universe to become stuck in the shattered universe.


victorious verse: Adelaide Brooke lives and so the Doctor ([ profile] wonthetimewar) is only reaffirmed in his belief that he can command time now because no one's left to stop him. Bolstered in his madness, he goes back and grabs Donna before the TARDIS slams shut on her, and then sweeps in and snatches up Rose ([ profile] silent_thorn) from the lever room just as she falls, with the announcement that he's found a way to save them both.


fine line verse: After finding a way to fix Donna's mind, the Doctor ([ profile] gaillfreys_last) and Donna are now travelling together again. Just like old times. Only, not quite like old times. Donna has fallen in love with the Doctor and she doesn't know how to handle it considering they're 'just mates'.


on the run verse: The Doctor ([ profile] captoftardis) finds himself on the run and has no idea why. He needs someone he can trust and so risks it all to try and save Donna, his best mate, so she can run at his side.


Donna is also always willing to talk to or temporarily travel with any Doctor and/or companion who want/need her. She is always ready to slap a Doctor into shape – or give them a great big hug; whichever the situation calls for.

If you would like to set up a verse with Donna, feel free to comment here, PM me or drop me a message on AIM (gunbladedancer), I don't bite – though Donna might she was sent home from school on her first day for biting, after all
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