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Donna couldn’t stand the atmosphere at home – it was like everyone was tiptoeing around her and no one would give her any answers. It had been the same ever since that weird night – the one where the whole world went mad, some nonsense about planets in the sky or something – she didn’t really know; she’d missed it. Slept through the whole thing.

What worried her the most, however, was the fact that the last couple of years of her life were a big blur. She tried to remember where she’d been and what she’d been doing and she just couldn’t. Her Mum and Granddad were no help either, fobbing her off with various lies and excuses or skirting around the subject all together.

What she needed, she decided, was a night out. A nice, normal night out so she could just forget about all the weirdness back home and just relax. She phoned Veena, and agreed to meet in the pub at seven.

That was two and a half hours ago. Veena hadn’t shown, just sent a text to say she couldn’t make it. Great. Just what Donna needed. She could’ve called Nerys, but that was probably worse than sitting alone. And that is how she came to be sat at the bar cradling a glass of wine and a bag of pork scratchings; and most likely verging closer to the side of drunk rather than sober.


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