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Donna was sat on the jumpseat reading a book. Percy was recharging, Adi was asleep next to Percy and Adam was off doing whatever it was metacrisis'd Doctor hands did when they weren't on adventures - which probably involved eating, sleeping or playing video games. It was hard to tell. Either way, it was quiet in the console room - well aside from the noise the Doctor was making. He'd been under the grating 'fixing things' for at least three Earth hours now; at first Donna had been annoyed by the noise and the fact the TARDIS lights kept flickering, but by now she was just amused by his stubborn pride and unwillingness to ask for help or admit he was stuck.

"Okay down there, Spaceman?" She wasn't taunting him with the fact she had tea and fresh cake. Course not. What kind of woman would she be if she did? She paused her reading to take a bite of her fresh, still-warm banana cake, and a long, slow swig of hot, strong tea.
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Percy had worked really hard on his Father's Day card for the Doctor. It had taken a lot to convince Donna to help, a whole roll of sad faces, in fact. She thought it was lovely that he wanted to make a card for the Doctor, but at the same time she didn't want to give him a painful reminder of what he'd lost. Still, she'd helped the little android, and a lot of card, glitter and glue later they had made the perfect card - although Percy had tried to eat it three times, and had munched one pair of scissors, a glue stick and a tub of glitter. Adi had helped, which also meant they now had a rather sparkly adipose on board the TARDIS.

Inside it read -
'To the best Dad in the universe,
Happy Father's Day
Love from
Percy and Adi xxx'

Percy toddled along the corridor to find the Doctor, the card in one hand and a box of chocolate covered banana chips in the other - lovingly made and wrapped by Donna.
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Tea on Tripollicus XII. Lovely planet, lovely people. That's what the Doctor had said. Best tea in the galaxy. So, why the heck had Donna been running from a very big spider thing for the past half hour?!

She'd been seperated from the Doctor in the attack, was covered in mud, grime and God knows what else, her lungs felt like they were going to explode and there wasn't a single drop of tea in sight!

She was going to kill him. If they survived this he was so dead.
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Beach! Beachbeachbeachbeach! Yay! Best medicine ever. Sun, sand and sea. Perfect. Donna had spent ages getting ready. How hard was it to pick a swimsuit? Apparently, very hard. It had taken ages to find the perfect fit, but she had eventually settled on a black swimsuit - not wearing blue, not with the two skinny boys being all bluewars! Right, black swimsuit, hot pink sarong and matching flipflops, and of course sunhat and oversized sunglasses. She'd also put on some superstrength suncream.

She had then busied her getting Percy and Adi ready. She fed them and ensured Percy was flly charged. She had smothered Adi in suncream and found sunhats for the pair of them. And of course, she found buckets and spades.

She had made a picnic for everyone and packed beachtowels and drinks and extra suncream. No one could say she was unprepared. "Doctor! Adam! Come on! Hurry up!!!"
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The trip to visit Casanova had been put on hold. At least for the foreseeable future. The last thing Donna remembered was some git spraying them with some alien gas and going on about some combined fantasy or some such. After that, things were blank.

She woke up with a sharp pain in her side. What the... this wasn't her room on the TARDIS. It wasn't the Doctor's room either. Yet, the Doctor was very much there beside her, asleep. Her thoughts were quickly disturbed by a bundle of fleshy cuteness jumping on the bed. "Mommy, up! Mommy, up!"

Holy crap! Percy was talking. What was going on? None of this made sense. She went to move out of bed and that is when she noticed the source of her pain. "Oh my God!! I've swallowed a planet!!!" Or, she had slept through seven and a half months or more of pregnancy... "Doctor!!!"
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Chiswick. London. England. Earth. The Solar System. In other words, home. Or at least, home away from the TARDIS. Donna stepped out of the TARDIS - just the other side of the street from her house, not bad, not bad at all. Dusk, good, good. And most importantly - no car in the driveway! Perfect!

"All clear, so far." Donna called back into the TARDIS, before heading across the street to her house. She found the spare key from under the plant pot and let herself inside.

Percy tugged on Adam's hand, while carefully carrying a cardboard box with Adi in with his free hand. Sylvia would have a fit if a guinea pig ran freely over her dining room table, even if said guinea pig was actually a blob of fat.
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Donna was feeling very sorry for herself. She had the hangover from hell. Her second mug of strong, black coffee sat next to her and she had her forehead rested on the table. She was still in her dressing gown and looked rather zombie-fied. "Ugh. I'm never drinking again." All she wanted to do was crawl into a very dark room and die.

Percy was doing his little best to cheer his 'mommy' up. He had pictures of her dancing with the Doctor and they were lovely. They really were. But right now all she wanted was peace and quiet.

Not that was ever an option on the TARDIS... The whole thing suddenly jerked. Percy stumbled over and the coffee crashed into the floor. Talk about a quick sobering up! Donna helped the little guy to his feet and took off running to the console room. Another jolt sent her crashing into the wall.

"What?! We're not supposed to be in flight..." She eventually made her way to the console, having to grab onto it to stop herself being knocked off her feet. All the monitors were scrambled. Not good. Not good at all...

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Donna had been getting ready for hours. She was buzzing with excitement. It had taken ages to pick an outfit - even with Adam and the TARDIS' help. But eventually she had settled on a beautiful blue ball gown. It made her feel like royalty - and maybe, just maybe she had given a girlish twirl when no one was looking.

Her hair had taken even longer. Up? Down? Straight? Wavy? She just couldn't decide. She had styled it and brushed it out at least ten times already. She finally went with a wavy updo, with tiny blue flowers and jewels.

She did her make up, pulled on her long blue gloves and added a few pieces of jewellery. She wore her running shoes under the dress - just in case, but it wasn't as though you could see them.

And finally... finally she was ready. She went to find the Doctor. "Well, what do you think?"
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Getting into the console room without being caught and without the Doctor being in there was very difficult and very rare. In fact, when he found out what Donna was about to do he'd probably throw her out of the TARDIS and into the Void.

Yet, here she was, looking over the console with a frown. She had flown the TARDIS before, sure, but she'd always had the Doctor there to help her. "Right then, Ol' Girl. Going to need your help with this..."

Donna had read about a banana grove in the 51st Century. It was the size of a small country and sounded absolutely perfect for the Doctor. She'd memorized the co-ordinates and snuck into the console room. She entered them, twizzled that knob there, wiggled that there lever and... off they went!
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Donna bounded down the ramp towards the door of the TARDIS as it materialized. She'd been waiting for this for ages! Luxury spa - She's ready!! Oh, she had it all mapped out in her head - sauna, jacuzzi, massage, champagne, mud bath, swim, more jacuzzi, more champagne! Oh it was going to be brilliant!

She pushed open the door and stopped dead in her tracks. Oh, this wasn't happening... Where was the luxury alien resort? This... wasn't a beautiful sun-drenched planet, oh no, it was Earth!! She spun on her heel to shoot a death glare in the Doctor's general direction. "Luxury spa you promised me. Best spa this side of the galaxy!" She pointed at the door. "We're in a bloomin' bus station!!"


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