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Beach! Beachbeachbeachbeach! Yay! Best medicine ever. Sun, sand and sea. Perfect. Donna had spent ages getting ready. How hard was it to pick a swimsuit? Apparently, very hard. It had taken ages to find the perfect fit, but she had eventually settled on a black swimsuit - not wearing blue, not with the two skinny boys being all bluewars! Right, black swimsuit, hot pink sarong and matching flipflops, and of course sunhat and oversized sunglasses. She'd also put on some superstrength suncream.

She had then busied her getting Percy and Adi ready. She fed them and ensured Percy was flly charged. She had smothered Adi in suncream and found sunhats for the pair of them. And of course, she found buckets and spades.

She had made a picnic for everyone and packed beachtowels and drinks and extra suncream. No one could say she was unprepared. "Doctor! Adam! Come on! Hurry up!!!"
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Chiswick. London. England. Earth. The Solar System. In other words, home. Or at least, home away from the TARDIS. Donna stepped out of the TARDIS - just the other side of the street from her house, not bad, not bad at all. Dusk, good, good. And most importantly - no car in the driveway! Perfect!

"All clear, so far." Donna called back into the TARDIS, before heading across the street to her house. She found the spare key from under the plant pot and let herself inside.

Percy tugged on Adam's hand, while carefully carrying a cardboard box with Adi in with his free hand. Sylvia would have a fit if a guinea pig ran freely over her dining room table, even if said guinea pig was actually a blob of fat.
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Donna was feeling very sorry for herself. She had the hangover from hell. Her second mug of strong, black coffee sat next to her and she had her forehead rested on the table. She was still in her dressing gown and looked rather zombie-fied. "Ugh. I'm never drinking again." All she wanted to do was crawl into a very dark room and die.

Percy was doing his little best to cheer his 'mommy' up. He had pictures of her dancing with the Doctor and they were lovely. They really were. But right now all she wanted was peace and quiet.

Not that was ever an option on the TARDIS... The whole thing suddenly jerked. Percy stumbled over and the coffee crashed into the floor. Talk about a quick sobering up! Donna helped the little guy to his feet and took off running to the console room. Another jolt sent her crashing into the wall.

"What?! We're not supposed to be in flight..." She eventually made her way to the console, having to grab onto it to stop herself being knocked off her feet. All the monitors were scrambled. Not good. Not good at all...

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Getting into the console room without being caught and without the Doctor being in there was very difficult and very rare. In fact, when he found out what Donna was about to do he'd probably throw her out of the TARDIS and into the Void.

Yet, here she was, looking over the console with a frown. She had flown the TARDIS before, sure, but she'd always had the Doctor there to help her. "Right then, Ol' Girl. Going to need your help with this..."

Donna had read about a banana grove in the 51st Century. It was the size of a small country and sounded absolutely perfect for the Doctor. She'd memorized the co-ordinates and snuck into the console room. She entered them, twizzled that knob there, wiggled that there lever and... off they went!
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